Brazilian bicycle economy (2018)

Launched in May 2018, this research was performed in partnership with Aliança Bike, motivated by the growing demand for information on the bicycle market and associated benefits for society. The economic complex of the bicycle was mapped and monetized through the creation of a methodological framework that defined a set of indicators representative of the Brazilian Bicycle Economy. The research methodology of this project involved the collection of primary and secondary data through documentary sources and case studies.

The elaboration of the contents of this project was presented and discussed in a panel formed by representatives of the Aliança Bike, the National Public Transport Association (ANTP), Casa Fluminense, the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (Cebrap), Ciclocidade, Instituto Alberto Luiz Coimbra – Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering (COPPE), Institute of Socioeconomic Studies (INESC), Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Active Transport NGO, and Union of Cyclists of Brazil. The project also had the support of Banco Itaú, Aliança Bike, and the association Bicicleta Para Todos.