bike lane in pinheiros (são paulo): impact assessment on LOCAL ECONOMIC vitality

Launched in 2018, this publication developed a methodology framework to perform an impact assessment on the local economic vitality in Pinheiros neighborhood, São Paulo, from the implementation of a brand-new cycleway connection. It connects the axis of Brigadeiro Faria Lima Av. and Pedroso de Morais Av. to Pinheiros train, bus and subway station. The area is comprised by Eugênio de Medeiros, Sumidouro and Costa Carvalho streets. LABMOB was responsible for coordinating and elaborate the research methodology and for collecting and analyzing data and preparing reports. The study was performed in partnership with Aliança Bike, the Commercial Association of São Paulo, CADES Pinheiros, Ciclocidade and the Municipal Transit Secretariat / CET-SP.